Application of silicon carbide solution to achieve safe and stable operation of charging piles in high temperature environment

The silicon carbide power device can be applied to the PFC and secondary rectification parts of the charging module. Due to its high-speed switching and low on-resistance, it can display excellent electrical characteristics even under high temperature conditions, which can greatly reduce switching losses. Miniaturization of peripheral components.

Silicon carbide technology can significantly improve the cruising range of electric vehicles

The silicon carbide power device can realize the miniaturization, light weight and high efficiency of the new energy vehicle OBC, DC/DC converter and motor drive system, and improve the overall reliability of the system, which can increase the cruising range of electric vehicles by about 6%.

The application of silicon carbide technology can greatly improve the power conversion efficiency of photovoltaic inverters

Photoelectric conversion efficiency As the most important performance index of grid-connected PV inverters, traditional silicon- d devices have been unable to achieve higher efficiency conversion. Because of its lower switching loss, silicon carbide can greatly reduce its power loss in grid-connected PV inverters, and it can also reduce weight loss and reduce overall machine cost.


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